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When using Outlook for emails, it has the usual features connected with email applications such as Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, and Deleted Items.
The calendar can be useful for tracking events and important dates, mainly when used with sound alerts and alarms.

Tasks are also useful for recognition of things you need to do with the ability to set an audible alarm.
The Contacts component of Outlook can store address, email and contact details of your friends and family. Messages can also be sent directly from the contact list.
You’re sending out Spam emails

You may get to know from your contacts that they’ve received surplus emails from you while you may not be conscious of sending them. This could prove to be quite uneasy if the receiver is an important business connection and the sent out email is not fitting.
Solution – Shifting the password could solve the latter of the problems, however, if you’re unable to do so, you should contact support instantly and report the issue. If however, the problem is the previous, scan your entire hard disk with a premium antivirus program, other than your regular one. Meanwhile also inform your contacts that something like this has happened so that they can be alert to the future too.

Outlook PST has corrupted

A contaminated PST can lead to the coolness of all data within your Outlook since it won’t allow it to open.
Solution – Microsoft’s inherent ScanPST.exe proves to be quite effective in this situation. You can find it in your Outlook fixing folder and just run it should be all.
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