Hem Otomasyon

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HEM Otomasyonu 1.5

HEM Otomasyonu 1.5

 ASON Bilgisayar


 Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Gombak  2

Bilgi İşlem Otomasyon Programı

 İTÜ Geliştirme Vakfı Okulları Bilgi İşlem Birimi

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Com Hem

Com Hem

 Com Hem  45

Com Hem AutoStore

 Com Hem AB  8

HEM Data Mini Logger

 HEM Data

Supervisor VS

Supervisor VS

The Supervisor VS is the digital video management and reception software for PCs under Windows to remotely connect to any of the VX, VS, PeCo and POS units and receive the images from the CCTV cameras of the premises they are installed in.
 Visual Tools  10  Demo

IC Login

It's not fun to log in by hand. Moreover, it seems rather pointless. IC Login is used to automate the login to com hem Internet Cable and Telia ADLS, both FLS and ELAS (login methods, ignore if you don't recognize).
 Daniel Bratell  1  Freeware